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Student story: Overcoming immigration obstacles to college

This student shares their experience as an undocumented person. They faced fear of being separated from their family and home. This fear affected their college application process. However, they turned that fear into motivation, pursued a college degree, and set an example for their younger siblings.


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Video transcript

- An obstacle I faced being undocumented is the constant fear, the fear of being taken away from your family, from your home, from things you love, and that confronted me when I came around to the college process, and when I had to do applications, I had to check boxes that said I was undocumented, it presented fear within me, and also my family. It came to one point, my mom's saying, "Don't go to college, "because they'll know you're undocumented, "and they'll take you away from me." And that fear played a big role in me saying no at one point, and then it led to motivation of saying, "Well, no, I'm undocumented, "but I'm not useless, I could do something." So that made me pursue a college degree, and it helped me fill out those college applications with courage. And doing that, I set an example for my younger siblings, and for them, for when it's their turn to apply to college, they won't have that fear.