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Student story: Overcoming financial obstacles to college

Video transcript

- So I think when I was first thinking about university it was probably my junior year of high school. The scariest part about the process for me was definitely going to be the cost of actually applying to schools. I did a preliminary search and saw that it costs up to 80 dollars to apply to each individual school and so one of my big concerns going into the process was definitely about whether or not I'd be able to afford to apply to a lot of schools. No, I was actually not aware of fee wavers at the time until of course I found out through Quest Bridge. The way I found out about this process actually is the summer after my junior year of high school I attended a Quest Bridge conference actually here at Yale University where kind of the Quest Bridge team talked to low income students about, not only the process of actually applying to schools, but also about the different benefits that you can take advantage of such as fee wavers that you could usually get from your guidance counselor or via contacting the admissions office for universities.