Do you have a friend or family member who is already in college or is a recent alum?  If so, we want to hear from them!
Over the next few months, Khan Academy is accepting video submissions from college students or recent college alumni discussing the obstacles they faced in going to college and how they ultimately overcame those obstacles.  We will choose a selection of these submissions to highlight within this college admissions resource.  These videos will serve as a source of motivation for high school students who are currently considering college but are uncertain whether they can do it.
For college students or recent alumni who plan to submit videos, please:
  • Film a short clip of yourself discussing a single challenge you faced in going to college, AND how you overcame that challenge
  • Get as specific as you feel comfortable when discussing your challenge, recognizing that this material will be shared with others
  • Limit the video to 90 seconds or less
  • Keep background noise in the video to a minimum
  • Film your video in landscape mode rather than portrait mode if you are using a smartphone
You can upload your video at  Thanks in advance for sharing!