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Licensed clinical social worker: What I do and how much I make

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my name is ebony Cooper I am 30 years old I am a licensed clinical social worker and my annual salary is $48,000 so I work at the mental health center of Denver I'm so I'm located specifically at the El Centro clinic which is a spanish-speaking clinic that works primarily with the Hispanic population so I'm a bilingual therapist there so I see from age 6 to end of life working with children and that's different than working with adults because I feel like you have to tailor the service to their sort of level to their level of understanding so you might incorporate games and a therapeutic intervention while with adults you can be pretty straightforward and present the tools and techniques in a different way my main responsibility is other than doing therapy are things like paperwork also case management so I work closely with schools parents different agencies in the community to make sure that the needs are met for the people that we serve part of the paperwork that I have to do is sort of summarizing what was worked on whatever treatment plan goal was the focus of the session and a lot of times in writing those notes we do sort of summarize the service provided and we have the ability to reflect on the work that was done so we can tell at that time maybe I should have done a little more investigative work around this or explored more around that so I make forty-eight thousand dollars a year and nobody really goes into this for the money so it really is a passion of mine to do this work when I started I actually wasn't making that I think I was making around thirty four thousand but that was in a different state so I've been told that Denver actually has it's one of the more educated cities in the United States and so I've heard that they pay pretty competitively here and so making forty-eight thousand dollars I do have a language differential that's been added to my salary for being able to speak Spanish and do services provide services and span my position specifically as a union based position so we do have a labor union if it works on our we have to make sure that we keep the pay competitive and that means raises so they do negotiate every year to discuss like what sort of race is going to be appropriate
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