Video transcript

So, my name is Evony Cooper. My job title is that I'm a licensed clinical social worker, and my salary is $48,000 a year. I don't have to worry, really, about money. I keep track of where my money goes, when it's really important, and just make sure that my bills are paid. Some general concerns with my finances are probably my student loan payments, and making sure that I can still save for retirement. So, my monthly income, pre-tax, is about $4,000, but after taxes, payroll deductions, union dues, and a 403B, which my company does three percent match for, my take home pay is actually $2,500. Rent is $1,100. Gas and electric, $50. Internet, TV, 50. Phone, 85. Car, which includes gas, car payment and insurance, is 300. Student loans, 350. Food, 200. Other recurring expenses, like my dog, and gym membership, that's $65. And entertainment is a hundred. So, leftover funds, that go into my savings is about $200.