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Business office manager: How I got my job and where I'm going

Starting as a laundry aide, the speaker climbed the healthcare industry ladder to become a business office assistant manager. They learned about different departments, survived tough interviews, and emphasized the importance of self-motivation and time management. They suggest accounting or math degrees for this role, but welcome all. Their ultimate goal is to become a Prime Minister of Jamaica.

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Video transcript

First job in the healthcare industry, I was a laundry aide at Cintinela Skilled Nursing and I did that for about, a little bit under six months. My supervisor at that time was regional at another facility to where they were trying to find a receptionist at that time to just do one or two days whenever the main guys not there. And so they wanted me to take over and they were surprised at the way I dressed and I ended up quitting the laundry aide. They wanted me full time as a receptionist. And then from receptionist, they saw that I was doing very well at it. They wanted me to help out assistant. I'm sorry admissions. So I was admissions assistant for a little bit. And then that's when they saw that business office is my fit and that's when I became business office assistant manager. And I've worked my way up ever since then. I now fully understand what other departments do. I know what rehab do. I know what the medical assessment MDS coordinator does. I know what social service does. I know what all the other departments do. Only because you're exposed to so much and you will learn a little bit of it and you've able to piece it together in the end. I went through three crucial interviews taking on this position and I never understood why til after. But the first one was with the administrator himself. And then the second one was with both the administrator and the AR, accounts receivable consultant. And then the last one was with the administrator and with the vice president of reimbursement at the cooperate office. So it was crucial but it was done. I understood why the interview was so crucial because it's a big role. You're not just the biller. You're the vice president of the building meaning if you get any letter from DHS, the state, the feds, administrators not here, the DON is not here, hey the business office manager's left in charge to fulfill those duties. If you want to be a business office manager for a skill nursing facility, the best degree to obtain for you to do very well is accounting, math. That plays a huge role into it and not necessary to scare anyone if they're bad in math or good in math at all. Any degrees is welcome to perform the duties. The true matter of it is self motivation. Because being a business office manager, no one will babysit you. Say hey, what are you gonna do today? You have to take the self initiative in what you want to do today. What are your goals? What you want to accomplish today. So self motivation is really everything. Time management is everything too. Because everything nowadays in healthcare, it's time consuming. So it's a matter of you coming up with a different method on what do you want to spend your time on working on today. A lot of business office manager move up from business office manager to accounts receivable consultant usually from there. And then once they become a consultant, a lot of times if they feel like they want to take on bigger responsibility, they can move up the higher ladder, which is become a vice president of reimbursement or the president of reimbursement. But a lot of times, a lot of business office manager like being local. Do not want to get caught up in cooperate so they like the money they're making and they like how the culture of their billing is going so they'll remain as a business office manager. My goals is different from the average business office manager moving up to the next step. I actually want to become an administrator for three years in a skill nursing facility. From there I would like to be the administrator slash CEO for a hospital as an administrator. I would like to have the experience of that for five years. And then once that is done, I would like to run for Prime Minister of Jamaica and I only say that because I know it seems stretch. It seems like it's a stretch but I have a big family there and I have dual citizenship so I believe I could be able to conquer both especially someone who was born there, came here, got the experience and wanted to go back to give.