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Business office manager: What I do and how much I make

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my name is jr. Mackenzie I also go by J a lot of people call me J I'm currently 25 years old and I'm also the current business office manager at Brentwood healthcare which also plays a role as the vice president in the skill nursing facility and my salary is currently $60,000 a year and I get bonuses varies from twenty to twenty-five thousand dollars which could highly up my yearly salary to eighty five to eighty five thousand dollars a year so Brentwood healthcare is a skill nursing facility which obtains short-term rehabilitation and my role here as a business office manager I build the various insurances of the patient have so if they're coming in as Medicare although Medicare they're coming in as medical bill medical and HMO and etc and my job is to make sure that we are reimbursed in full and on time by the different various insurances that I bill on a monthly basis I am buried in paperwork and the moment the end of a month starts it starts right back over again but it's good it's a great learning experience you ever gonna learn a lot of aspect from different departments which is really good so my main responsibility here is to oversee what was inputted in the system based off name date of birth and insurance verification the second step that I would do is call to verify if their insurance is accurate and what are the different benefits that they cover is it for a skilled nursing facility or a different healthcare entity such as a hospital or a home health I also make sure I put let's say a patient is depending on their payor type which is Medicare medical an HMO daily protocol input is completely different from every single health plan so another responsibility that I do have is go into the patients and also call them the family members insuring them all the coverages that they have here at Brentwood healthcare at Brownwood we're we're definitely a team player we don't just perform perform our duties is just a business office manager MDS coordinator we go above and beyond if I'm walking in the hallway and a patient asks for help by all means I'm gonna help them versus say hey let me get you a nurse if it's something that I can for sure for sure hands on do without any clinical clearance I will definitely do it and this is how we're taught here we're community we're a family anyone needs help no need to go and grab someone else when we could definitely fulfill the need of accommodating them write them in there in order to perform a business office manager duty you have to be well-rounded you have to be people's person only because you you work with you work with family members hands on and you work with patients hands on even though being the biller doesn't just require paperwork it requires verbal skills a lot of verbal skills especially when you set out a bill and a family member call you back you get a crazy phone call so you have to be able to obtain and keep calm and handle situations like that
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