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Architectural designer: My budget and planning for the future

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I'm Sofia, I'm 24 years old, I'm an architectural designer, and I make $40,000 a year. So I'm from L.A., so I'm happy to be living here. I think it's a great urban environment, so it does cost more than other places would to live, but I think it's worth it, especially for me in the design field where there's, it's very diverse and there's inspiration everywhere for design. So that's really important to me. So my college was a five year undergraduate program, but one of the years was spent working in the field, having jobs. So I wasn't paying tuition, I was getting paid. And then I had a one year Master's. So that's five years of schooling in total. It was about 60 grand a year, so $300,000 in total, $100,000 I took out in student loans, my dad gave me $50,000. I got $120,000 in grants and scholarships, and I made about $20,000 that I put towards school from those jobs while I was in school. I am an independent contractor right now, because initially I was only gonna be here temporarily, which made sense. And what that means is that I don't get taxes taken out of my paycheck, so I get the full amount, and I'm responsible for my own taxes at the end of the year. But right now I'm in transition of becoming a full-time employee where I will get taxes taken out and get full benefits. My annual salary is about $40,000 a year. I make 20 an hour, and that comes to about $3200 a month. Of that 3200, I spend $600 in rent, because I live with my cousin and her fiance and my boyfriend, so everyone's paying a quarter of the rent which is nice. I spend $300 on my car and my insurance for my car, and then another $120 in gas for the car. I spend about $400 in student loan payments, and also $400 on food. And because I just got my first new apartment, there's been a lot of extra expenses with that, so about $200 a month more, moving in and buying furniture and things like that. I'm not saving for the future yet because I have been working here only a few months, but now that I'm on payroll here, I will have a 401K to start saving. I don't have an emergency fund yet. Hopefully one day I will. It's not really a concern for me, because I'm young and healthy. If anything were to happen, my parents might help me. But I am about to get on health insurance at my company now, which will be really nice. My financial goals are to be comfortable in the life that I wanna have. I think I would like to own property, and maybe have some built projects that I can maybe make money off of one day, and own my own house as well. What I've learned about money since I started working is that I don't need much of it right now at least, because I live with my roommates and my boyfriend, I'm paying a quarter of rent, which is really nice. My monthly expenses aren't very much as a young person supporting themselves, so it's nice to have money coming in every month, and that's kind of it.
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