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Construction business owner: How I got my job and where I'm going

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I'm Michael Walker I'm 25 years old I have two different jobs I run my own company which is Walker wilderness enterprises which builds tiny houses and hunting cabins and I also work for a large equipment auctioneer company I went to college at the University of Colorado Boulder and I studied environmental studies there decided when I was getting out of college that it really wasn't for me I didn't really like some of the jobs that were some of the starting jobs with that so I started my own business from there and when I was you know starting my business I needed a different another income as well and so I got a job at the auction house as well as the owner of Walker Wilderness some of the things I needed to start it were the passion to start the company the idea of the company and some financial backing so capital for starting it for the containers um I learned quite a bit on YouTube comparing different videos and how different people did things and how I thought the best way to do it was and then also my wife's father was a constructing construction and did drywall and he knew a lot of different contractors and they would come and help show me a couple pointers and I am I had them I'd went to a couple different job sites with him just to look at how things were and talked with different contractors on how they did things and what their opinions were on how I was doing something and then for my auctioneer company that I worked for I just needed to know something things about equipment and kind of have a mechanical background and from there they had their own little training program that I went through to really become fully qualified to do the inspections so growth opportunities for both jobs for first for Walker wilderness I think the sky's the limit in terms of where to go from here but I just have to really reach out and do more marketing and contact clients and really understand what they want so that I can you know get the job from them then build more and more containers and get the word out and then for my auctioneer company the growth there would just be moving up the ladder in terms of being a manager of inspectors or going into sales so for getting into a company like Walker wilderness I think you have to follow your passion and hone the skills you need for your passion and sell your passion and then I would say for a pitfall don't spend money right out the bat try to figure out how you can keep money in the business before you start just spending it all right at the start
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