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Special and general relativity

By Max Thorniley
A simple explanation of special and general relativity, a brief history of the lead up to the development of the theory, and the implications and significance.

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  • piceratops ultimate style avatar for user Aditya Singh
    when you gave the second example of space time dilation,you said spacetime should be warped to allow this.can you tell me what do you exactly mean by this?
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  • purple pi purple style avatar for user northernexposurelanai
    Would anyone address the problem of conflating waves/massless particles with mass? The example of light coming from a train versus throwing a tennis ball is flawed. Sound coming off the train would also go at a fixed velocity; both would be Doppler shifted to an observer in the path of the wave. Most explanations lose me here. Let's stick with the Lorenz transformation as it applies to mass when showing examples. The special case for light should be examined separately and only referenced as the universal speed limit
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  • male robot donald style avatar for user აზრაილ
    i was frightened by animation that i even didnt pay attention gotta watch it again, ughh
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