You can use a wide variety of devices when using Khan Academy. Each device has pros and cons outlined below for the most common devices to help you decide what works best for your organization. Generally laptops or desktops work best. Tablets are okay but some of the data report functionality and a few interactive exercises may not work as well. E-readers are not recommended.

In addition to devices, some additional accessories may be useful:


For classrooms that will be using videos significantly, offering headphones is common. Offering the option for students to bring their own headphones while providing access to a class-set allows for both longevity of the classroom set, as well as may calm parents' concerns about sharing of headphones / germs.

Mice and keyboards


If your device does not come with a mouse or keyboard, that is not a huge issue, but can be helpful. When testing out devices, it is recommended to try using the Khan Academy website to see what other accessories might be helpful (particularly when using the exercises and data reports)