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If you’ve used Khan Academy with your students and are eager to share your enthusiasm with other teachers, please use this virtual workshop as a resource!

If you’re planning on training teachers who are brand new to Khan Academy, we recommend the following structure:

1) Kickoff your training with a fun activity and a quick presentation.

We usually start with an activity called “Co-creating a drawing,” which you can see in the video below.  We also have lots of sample presentations here.

You may also want to outline the philosophy that drives Khan Academy's work in schools.

2) Dedicate time to exploring the site.

We recommend spending at least 1 hour having teachers explore the site with a guided Scavenger Hunt to fully understand what the experience is like as a student and as a teacher.  We’ve seen super tech-saavvy teachers go through our entire scavenger hunt in 30 min, while others can take up to 2 hours.

3) Dedicate time to making an implementation plan.

We recommend giving teachers at least an hour to discuss and plan their implementation strategies.  It’s critical that teachers are able to find the purpose KA will serve in their classrooms, figure out how Khan Academy can support their curricula, and see examples of how other teachers have been able to use KA.

PDFs of all worksheets are below, and you can download a PPT version if you want to make edits.

If you host your own workshop, let us know how it goes by posting at the bottom of this article!