This guide is a quick starting off point for teachers who want computers in their classrooms and don't necessarily have the option of asking their administrators for a set. This checklist was put together by high school teacher Tal Sztainer, who fundraised and bought computers for his classroom in less than 2 weeks. (See his story here)

Find the computers you want 

  • Shop around a bit online or in stores - if you are simply having your students use the internet, you probably don't need high-end computers
  • Used computers are great! But beware of the increase in technical problems. Make sure that either you or someone available can deal with troubleshooting.
  • Places to start: (a) Device considerations, (b) Computers For Classrooms (CA), (c) Chromebooks


  •  People are always happy to help a teacher! Don't be nervous to ask family and friends
  • Ask people to sponsor a computer (or half, or a quarter)
  • ​Call people, e-mail people, use one of the many crowd-funding websites available (e.g., CrowdRise, IndiegogoGoFundMe,  Donors Choose, RocketHub)

Set up your computers and start using them!

  • Figure out details such as charging the computers, storing them safely, etc
  • Test out the computers to make sure they work with Khan Academy
  • Consider buying some cheap headphones (or nice ones)
  • Ensure that students are aware of appropriate use of computers - consider a contract
  • Additional resources: Start Guide for Math Teachers, Start Guide For IT