Although every classroom is unique and evolves differently, we’ve seen many classrooms follow a similar path as teachers implement Khan Academy. Below is a general progression to consider as your own classroom implementation develops.

Phase 1: Technology and accounts

  • Students have accounts.

  • Students can access YouTube.

  • Students have regular, routine access to Khan Academy.


PHASE 2: Curriculum path

  • Teacher has provided guidance for students in the form of a mission or playlist.
  • Teacher has reviewed or completed skills before asking students to practice them.
  • Students are engaged and working through their mission or playlist.


PHASE 3: Accountability

  • Teacher has a meaningful and effective way to hold students accountable for their learning.
  • Mastery is incentivized, and students routinely complete mastery challenges.


PHASE 4: Report analysis

  • Teacher looks at coach reports during and outside class time.
  • Teacher uses this information to adjust lesson plans and drive instruction.


PHASE 5: Projects and applied learning

  • Teacher uses Khan Academy alongside hands-on projects.
  • Teacher integrates extension lessons on topics like computer programming.