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We’ve seen many classrooms go through a similar path as teachers implement Khan Academy.  Of course, every classroom is unique and will evolve in different ways.  Below is a general guide for you to consider as your own classroom implementation evolves.

Regardless of what phase you're in, we encourage you to implement some best practices that we've observed in many successful classrooms.

PHASE 1: Tech & Accounts

  • Students have accounts
  • Students can access YouTube
  • Students have regular, routine access to Khan Academy


PHASE 2: Guidance / Curriculum Path

  • Teachers have provided guidance for students with playlists / assignments / recommendations that address specific skills curated by the teacher
  • Teacher has reviewed / completed skills asked of students before assigning them to students
  • Students are engaged and working on lists in a sequential manner


PHASE 3: Accountability

  • Teacher has a way of holding students accountable for their learning on KA that is meaningful and effective
  • Mastery is incentivized; students are routinely taking Mastery Challenges


PHASE 4: Data & Analytics

  • Teacher is using data to drive instruction, small groups, peer tutoring, and 1:1s
  • Teacher looks at data during and outside of class time
  • Teacher adjusts lesson plans based on data


PHASE 5: Projects & Applied Learning