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Engaging with parents is helpful to cultivate support for the student at home as well as at school.

Introducing parents to KA

Many teachers choose to send a letter or email to parents to let them know that their child will be using Khan Academy. In the letter, many educators choose to include:

  • An explanation of what Khan Academy is
  • Explain how Khan Academy will be used
  • Reference materials on how to use Khan Academy (see "For Parents" section).

Watch this video to see an example of a Parents Night held in Florida where students taught their parents about Khan Academy!

Permission slips

If needed, request permission from parents to set-up Khan Academy logins and an explanation of how userIDs are selected and the privacy policy. Click here for a sample permission slip. 

Note: The Spanish version is provided by using Google translate on the English version, so please forgive any grammatical errors! 

Getting parents involved upfront

On the first day, it might be helpful to ask a few parent volunteers to come into the classroom to help manage the technology and serve as additional help in getting things set-up.

When kicking off Khan Academy, some teachers also hold a Parent Night in the first few weeks, inviting parents to school to show them how Khan Academy works, how the school is incorporating it into its curriculum and how it can make a difference for their children. Some Parent Nights even walk parents through setting up accounts and sign-up as their child's coach so that they can be involved and engaged with their child's learning progress.