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Every implementation will be different and move at its own pace.

Like student learning, using Khan Academy is self-paced for educators too! As such, there is no exact timing or lesson plan, and you may find that you'll be evolving your plan as the implementation evolves. Every KA implementation is different depending on the educator, students, and resources.

A few initial goals for yourself might be:

  • __ Continue to explore and progress through KA on your own
  • __ Aim to have 100% of students logged in, started on particular skills, etc by a certain time (e.g., end of the first day/week )
  • __ Set classroom norms and monitor student behavior
  • __ Check the data at the end of each day - note which students are focused solely on videos or are not making as much progress and check-in on them
  • __ Have students set-up and use journals
  • __ Use Khan Academy data to decide what topics to teach
  • __ After the initial push, evolve the implementation model and explore ideas like peer tutoring, small groups or 1:1s, and projects
  • __ Keep your mind open to new ideas and to the idea of continuous improvement.