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Transitioning to Khan Academy can be a major shift for some teachers. After deciding on how you want to use Khan Academy, there may be some preparation needed to turn it from ideas to reality.

To help you think through changes to your classroom, consider the following questions to make sure your first day goes smoothly!

Overall plan

  • How will you introduce Khan Academy to your students?
  • What can you do to ensure that logistics go smoothly on this first day? (ex. Invite parent volunteers to help, write out instructions on the board, give each student a piece of paper with their username, password, and any coach ids they need to add)
  • What will the agenda look like?
  • What will you do if technology fails on this first day?
  • When will students use Khan Academy for the first time? How long will students have access to technology during this first time? Do you think it’s enough time?
  • How will you keep administration and IT informed as needed?
  • (if applicable) What parent permissions are needed?

Classroom layout

Imagine the class where students will be using Khan Academy. What does it look like?

  • Where are the outlets? Can students easily charge their devices?
  • If you are using a mobile cart full of devices, where will it go?
  • Where will the students sit? Will they be allowed to sit in unconventional places (such as on the floor, in a beanbag, etc.)?
  • Can you easily get to each student?
  • Will you section off part of the room for teacher seminars, peer tutoring, non-KA work, etc.?

Classroom layout example