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This article covers how to create your account and sign up those learners you want to coach. 

1. Create your coach account

Sign up for free to start using Khan Academy’s resources!  Every account can be used to learn and can also be used to coach.

Once you've created your account, you can access the coaching features by clicking on the COACH option in the upper left to be taken to the coaching options. When you sign up, there will also be an option to sign up as a parent or a teacher. By clicking on these buttons, it’ll automatically direct you to add your children and/or your students after creating your own account.

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2. Create learner accounts and add the learners you will coach*

If you clicked on the “Parents, start here” or “Teachers, start here” buttons when you created your account, you were hopefully directed to create accounts for your children and/or students after you signed up. If you did not see those options, no worries. To add students, click on COACH in the upper left, then select “Manage Students” or “Class Roster”.

*Alternatively, students can add you as their coach. We recommend this option if you have students who are comfortable with technology, and especially if you have lots of students!  In particular, after you have created class lists, you can share the class code for students to add, and they will automatically be added to your class.

If you will be coaching more than 1 class of students, we highly recommend creating class lists to sort your students, so you can organize and track your students.

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