While Khan Academy makes it easy for a teacher to add an entire class of students, if you are looking to add your entire school or district quickly, you may want to consider Clever. Clever is free for schools, and Clever's integration makes it easy for teachers to use Khan Academy with their students:

  • Students and teachers use Clever Instant Login to access Khan Academy. Teacher and student accounts are created automatically.
  • Upon teacher login, classes are created automatically, letting teachers track and support their students’ learning.
  • As student schedules change throughout the year, class lists are updated automatically.
  • Since the integration runs on Instant Login - a highly secure, encrypted connection to your district’s student information system - students and teachers can always sign in to Khan Academy using your district's credentials, without ever sharing those credentials with Clever or Khan Academy. This also means one less password to remember.
  • The integration is also entirely anonymous, which ensures that it is always secure and 100% FERPA compliant, protecting the personal information of your students. Learn more about Clever's security practices here.

How do I get started?

  • Follow these instructions to set up a Clever/Khan Academy for your district.
  • For general information about Clever, visit clever.com.
  • You can find more information about Clever’s security practices here.