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Reference materials
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Burnett Elementary

4th grade teacher Alison Elizondo shares her experience using Khan Academy at a Title I Public school (40% English language learners, 30% free/reduced lunch) in Milpitas, California.

Innova Schools

This ambitious educational private project in Latin America plans to become the largest school network in the region by 2018. Currently operating 11 schools in Lima, Peru, the company will have at least 70 world-class schools throughout Peru by 2016. Their vision is to provide affordable high-quality education to Peruvian children.

Khan Academy in Idaho

Schools across the state of Idaho are using Khan Academy as part of this initiative. Learn more in this tutorial and at www.khanidaho.org.

Oakland Unity High School

Oakland Unity, a charter school serving east Oakland, starting using Khan Academy with their 9th graders. By the end of the school year, additional grade levels were using the program based on the success they saw.

Summit Public Schools

This charter school network, also featured in Waiting for Superman, aimed to transform the learning experience for their 200 incoming 9th graders in their San Jose, California, schools.

Other K-12 case studies

See how Khan Academy is used in real life. These case studies cover various models in public, charter, and independent schools. We're excited about the way these organizations are using our resources and are eager to learn from more educators and students. For even more examples, check out our blog at schools.khanacademy.org.

Using KA in correctional facilities

Learn how students in prisons, jails, and other correctional facilities use Khan Academy.