Every learner is different and has different learning needs - that’s where Khan Academy comes in. We are a nonprofit on a mission to provide a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. To accomplish this goal, we've created a personalized learning experience that uses videos and exercises to engage students across a wide range of subjects, with a special emphasis on math and computer programming. Best of all, access to our site is completely free, with no contract, spam, or ads.

While Khan Academy is effective for students working independently, learners benefit immensely from having a coach to support and encourage them. By becoming a student’s coach, you’ll gain access to their progress information.

While Khan Academy provides tools for coaches, we do not help learners find coaches or vice versa. However, if you want to coach students or get a coach to support your own learning, we encourage you to reach out to friends, family, or anyone else your trust!

This section of our website is designed for parents and other mentors who wants to support and encourage individual learners. If you’re working with a larger group of students, you may find our coach and classroom resources for other learning environments more helpful.

To learn more about our vision for personalized education, check out this video from our founder, Sal Khan.

Want to tell other parents or mentors about Khan Academy? Download this printable handout as a PDF: Parent handout.