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Burnett Elementary: Giving a new face to Title I status

Burnett Elementary, a Title I public elementary school in Milpitas, California, is seeing students light up with Khan Academy. Fourth grade teacher Alison Elizondo has been using an 80 minute "We <3 2 Learn" session each week to improve student learning and engagement in math.

Eastside Prep: Making Khan Academy an integral part of the curriculum  

6th grade teacher Suney Park evolved her use of Khan Academy from a resource that was rather independent of her classroom teaching to an integrated part of her teaching. All students at this independent school in East Palo Alto, California, will be the first in their families to attend college.

Galway Education Centre: Bringing Khan Academy to Ireland

Irish teachers explain how Khan Academy impacted their classrooms.

High Tech Middle School: Learning through projects

8th grade teacher Bryan Harms shares how he used Khan Academy in his project-based classroom in Chula Vista, California.

Innova Schools: Preparing Latin American teachers for a new way of learning

This ambitious educational private project in Latin America plans to become the largest school network in the region by 2018. Currently operating 11 schools in Lima, Peru, the company will have at least 70 world-class schools throughout Peru by 2016. Their vision is to provide affordable high-quality education to Peruvian children.

KIPP: One network, lots of implementations

KIPP has charter schools all over the United States. Khan Academy is being used in KIPP classrooms in a variety of ways.

Kuna Middle School: Bringing technology into the classroom

Shelby Harris' 7th grade classroom at a public school in Kuna, Idaho, was featured in Davis Guggenheim's documentary TEACH. Shelby faced the challenge of starting to use Khan Academy in the spring for 3 months before state testing. She transformed her teaching as she learned about using technology as a tool, not a replacement for teaching.

Los Altos School District: Khan Academy pioneers

Los Altos School District was the first district to pilot Khan Academy. Based on the success of four initial teachers, the program is now a resource offered districtwide and used in 5th-8th grades.  Using Khan Academy has freed up classroom time to spend more time on projects and deeper learning.

MATHletes Challenge: Bringing the excitement of a tournament to math class

In 2014, thousands of students across Ireland participated in a national math competition, spending nearly 1 million minutes on Khan Academy. Read more here, or watch this video to hear how the contest changed students’ attitudes toward math.

Oakland Unity High School: From bottom 20% to 11th in California

Oakland Unity, a charter school serving east Oakland, starting using Khan Academy with their 9th graders. Oakland saw great quantitative impact from students testing in the bottom 20% of the California Standards Test to becoming the 11th-ranked high school in the entire state in 2013. The school’s use of Khan Academy increased over that time, from initially using Khan Academy in a summer math camp to using it as a homework replacement to making it a core component of the Learning Lab, and then finally evolving to using Khan Academy as an integrated part of the math classroom curriculum. Oakland Unity now not only uses Khan Academy with its 9th graders, but across their student population.

After piloting Khan Academy, Oakland Unity math teacher Peter McIntosh wrote a book describing his experience with the site and how he has used it to help students take responsibility for their own learning. Solving the Math Problem: An Urban Math Classroom Proves Student Responsibility Is The Real Solution is available on Amazon for under $10. 

Olney Charter High School: Transforming math class with technology

TFA alum Tal Sztainer shares his experience teaching 12th grade math in Philadelphia and the impact of finding funding for 10 computers for his classroom.

San Ignacio de Loyola: Bring Khan Academy to Spain

Ane teaches with Khan Academy at a Jesuit school in San Sebastian.

Summit Public Schools: Multiple grade levels learning in a student-driven model

This charter school network, also featured in Waiting for Superman, aimed to transform the learning experience for their 200 incoming 9th graders in their San Jose, California, schools. In subsequent years, Summit expanded how they blended Khan Academy by innovating on a model that incorporated 9th and 10th graders in a fully student-driven model.

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