Interested in using Khan Academy with your students? Check out these steps below to learn how to get your students online.


If your students use KA within school - either during class time, computer lab hours, or in an out-of-school program - it’s good to make sure that you have your technology ready. This packet can help you think through the logistics of using KA in your school and double-check that you have the technology you need to get started.  

Do your students have limited access to devices? Check out this article on using KA with limited resources.

Sign up

  • If your school/organization uses Google Apps for Education, your students can use their Google accounts to log in to Khan Academy. 

  • If your school wants to add your entire school or district quickly, consider using Clever.  Find out how you can get started here.

  • If you're an instructor who already has a Khan Academy account, you can create a class and add students to it by following the instructions below.

  •  If you don’t have a KA account, learn how to create your account here.  Remember, every account is both a “learner” and a “coach” account, so once you sign up you can learn and coach through this one account.

Create a class & Add your students

Creating a class on Khan Academy will allow you to look at your students' progress within coach reports.  This is primarily useful for coaches who teach math or computer programming.

You're all set! Now what?