Introducing...the Learning Dashboard

Introducing the learning dashboard!

The new learning dashboard is your personal homepage on Khan Academy. The dashboard gives you an easy way to find the best next things for you to do. It has a bunch of really cool things designed to help you learn math, and soon other subjects, really well on your own or with a coach. You can access it when you’re signed in by clicking on the Khan Academy logo at the top of the page.

Practice makes perfect

Recommended task list

Recommendations have been lined up for you on the dashboard. They should have the skills that are best for you to practice next. If you want to practice something in particular, no problem! It’s a breeze to add the skills you want to focus on to your dashboard. If you have a coach helping you learn on Khan Academy, they can recommend skills for you too.

Level up your skills

Mastery tasks on the dashboard

Each day, we will unlock new chances for you to level up the skills you practiced on previous days. “Why do I have to wait a day for a chance to level up?” you ask. “I want to get new levels now!” Here’s the thing, there’s a lot of evidence that proving what you know over time is a really great way to ensure that you actually remember what you’ve learned. We hope the challenges are fun and rewarding as we’ve updated badges to recognize Mastery earned this way!

See your progress at a glance

Dashboard progress bar

As you’re leveling up your skills, you can keep track of progress right on the dashboard. Points, badges, and skill levels are all visible and updated in realtime.

Earn points and badges; Conquer the world of math!

We’ve added new badges and updated the old ones to work with the new skill levels. You now earn bonus points for doing recommended skills and even more for leveling up your skills.

The entire KA team has been working around the clock over the last few months to bring this exciting new experience together. Although we’re just getting started with it, we’re thrilled to see how you all use it and to get your feedback.

What are you waiting for?

Sign in to get started with the pretest, and get credit for what you already know. Onward!

Want to learn a little more? Sal made a cool video about the learning dashboard! Check it out here.


Khan Academy now accepts bitcoin donations

You can now donate bitcoins to Khan Academy! When you donate, you’ll even earn a special badge for your profile.


Bitcoin is an interesting new cryptocurrency based on an open source protocol running on a peer to peer network independent of any central authority. Confused? No worries, Khan Academy has a video series explaining what Bitcoins are and how they work.

So check out the videos, and if you’re feeling generous, head to our donate page to send some our way!


Teachers can now create accounts for their under-13 students

Teachers now have the power to create Khan Academy accounts for their students who are under 13!

We’re working to make it as simple as possible for teachers to get their classes started with Khan Academy, and this is just a first step.

Before creating the accounts, make sure you have permission from your students’ parents. You can download our sample permission slip to send home with your students.

Then, to add your students, visit Coach > Manage Students and click the green “Add new students” button.

This opens the form for inviting students by their email addresses (if they’re over 13):


If your students are under 13 and do not have email addresses through Google Apps for Education, choose “create Khan Academy accounts for them.”

Here, you’ll create a username and password for your first student and enter their birthdate and their parent’s email address:


You’ll receive a confirmation and then you can create your next student’s account.

As soon as you’ve created the account, your student can start using it – so you can create accounts for your whole class one afternoon or evening and have them log in the next day!

Soon, we will be opening up this feature so that you can also manually create accounts for your students who are over 13.

Credit goes to team lead Matt Faus, intern Dylan Vassallo, Kitt Hirasaki, Maureen Suhendra, Matt Wahl, Shantanu Sinha, Ben Kamens, and our fantastic legal advisor Aman Shah!

Comments gets a makeover, bug fixes, and UX improvements

Khan Academy has come a long way from when I first joined waaaaay back in 2010. The company and product have both matured. The content and experience that we offer the world has grown and changed dramatically, but this is the slow steady change of iterative improvement. And even though we’ve added over 1,000 videos and hundreds of interactive exercises to the site, that change isn’t always obvious.

It’s going to be hard to miss the changes we’re releasing today.



Today, we’re launching the first piece of what will eventually be a major redesign of Khan Academy. This first step is part visual refresh, part re-focusing of the interface that folks use every day, and part foundation for future changes. This change should help to clarify exactly how our content is organized and what order we recommend proceeding through tutorials while fixing a host of other small bugs (like progress indicators not showing up or not being properly aligned). It also includes user experience improvements like the menu improvement that Ben Kamens blogged about.

For the curious, we’re planning a more in-depth look at the ideas and process behind these changes to be written by our amazing design intern, Tabitha Yong. Keep an eye out here for an announcement when that’s ready.

We’ve been testing these changes with a subset of our students and teachers around the world for the last month or so, and lots of folks have reached out to us, excited about the changes. But change isn’t automatically good and it’s definitely not always easy to deal with. We know folks will have questions and concerns. I invite you to leave your comments and questions here, or get in touch with the team via Twitter, and DEFINITELY file bug reports for things that are getting in your way. Your feedback is critical to helping us understand how to improve. Please don’t be discouraged if we can’t respond to you individually! We are reading/listening.


Team Athena (Ben Komalo, Marcia, Marcos, Jason, Tabitha)


Khan Academy "Tutorials"

Thanks to a huge team effort, we are reorganizing the site’s content into “tutorials” – short collections of videos and exercises that focus on a single concept, such as “Subtraction with borrowing,” “Perimeter and area of rectangles,” “Shorting stock,” or “Impressionism.”


We’ve been working towards this ever since last spring, and we hope you find the new tutorials a great way to learn and practice.

Congratulations to Marcia Lee, Tom Yedwab, Stephanie Chang, Marcos Ojeda, Desmond Brand, Jason Rosoff, Ben Eater, Matt Wahl, Elizabeth Slavitt, and Sal Khan!