Start your 13.8 billion-year journey with the Big History Project

2014-09-10 19:13:00 GMT


The Big History Project is now available on Khan Academy. Whether you’re a solo learner or a classroom teacher, get ready to take a self-paced journey through nearly 14 billion years of history in just 10 tutorials!

Big History asks the big questions about our universe, our planet, life and humanity. From the Big Bang to our still-expanding universe, this course, created and maintained by the Big History Project, will lead students on a journey of astounding connections and exciting discoveries. 

The lessons also draw upon the insights of history, chemistry, biology, anthropology, physics, and a variety of other disciplines. Teacher-created lessons include downloadable activities, engaging videos, animations, and articles that bring the voices of leading scholars from around the world to you…and bring history to life.

Today, there’s more information available to us on our phones than was available in all the great libraries of Alexandria, so how do we decide what claims we can trust? Big History guides learners through examining their intuition, looking at the authority, evidence, and logic of claims.

Big History also looks beyond the timeline of human history to explore the connections between distant events billions of years ago and our lives today.

From the massive expanse of the universe to the smallest of atoms, Big History guides you to think across temporal and physical scales.

Both in articles and at the end of each tutorial, students and teachers can access downloadable and printable classroom resources such as lesson transcripts, video transcripts, worksheets and answer keys. Quizzes and glossary challenges allow teachers to assess student comprehension.

Start your journey now!