MORE Health and Medicine Content Now Available!

2014-06-17 23:58:00 GMT

Post by Kyle Slinn, Khan Academy Nursing Fellow

Over the last few months we’ve been working tirelessly to create new content. Today we’re adding 26 health conditions and 158 practice questions to our growing collection of health and medicine material. The new content covers diseases from the cardiovascular, respiratory, and hematologic systems, such as non-cyanotic heart diseases, lung cancer, and leukemia. Health science students can use this material as a supplement to their classes, and patients and their families can learn more about medical conditions relevant to them. Over the coming months we’ll continue to frequently release new content, so be sure to keep checking Khan Academy!

Right now we're looking for volunteers to help us write NCLEX-RN style questions. If you'd like to help us with this exciting project, send us an email.

Here’s an example of a lesson on non-cyanotic heart diseases. You can check out the rest of our new content by clicking here.