Let’s level the playing field for SAT prep

2014-03-05 19:34:00 GMT


From founder Sal Khan:

I’m excited to share some very important news: The College Board just announced that they’re redesigning the SAT for 2016, and we’re partnering with them to make free, world-class prep materials. Our goal is nothing short of leveling the playing field, and we intend, with the deep expertise of the College Board behind us, to make the very best preparation for the SAT. This will be far more than just videos; it will be sophisticated, interactive software to give students deep practice and diagnose their gaps.

This means that for the first time ever, all students who want to go to college can prepare for the SAT at their own pace, at absolutely no cost. Unlike other test prep, the resources on Khan Academy will be developed through a close collaboration with the authors of the SAT themselves. With this partnership, our goal is to ensure that students have a deep grasp of underlying fundamentals so they can succeed on the SAT, in college, and beyond.   

I recently chatted with David Coleman, CEO of the College Board, about why they redesigned the SAT and decided to work with Khan Academy to make prep materials open and free. Check out our conversation and other information about the partnership:

What does this mean? By spring 2015, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art learning tools–exercises, software diagnostics and videos–designed by Khan Academy and College Board specifically for the redesigned SAT. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you are taking the SAT in 2014/15, you can start practicing today with hundreds of unreleased Math, Reading, and Writing questions from real SATs and more than 200 videos that show step-by-step solutions to each question.