Share your bio and activity on your new profile

2014-02-15 00:13:00 GMT

New user profile

From Khan Academy software developer Stephanie H. Chang (

We recently redesigned user profiles on Khan Academy. Now you can share your bio, badge count, and activity with others.

Visit your new Khan Academy profile!

We are very sensitive about sharing learning information about our users, so we have chosen the most private defaults for these sections. You can use the privacy controls to manage who sees these sections: 

Privacy settings

Child accounts are limited so that no one other than their parent/teacher coaches can see any learning activity information.

We’ve also updated the profile pop-ups on posts and computer programs:

Profile pop-up

Here’s a peek at our internal team leaderboard. As you can see, Sal has a… significant lead:


Major credit goes to Tabitha Yong, Joel Burget, Ben Komalo, Marcia Lee, Ben Kamens, and many other team members who helped design, review, and try out this new feature over many iterations.

Enjoy your new profile!