Here are the NCLEX-RN competition winners!

2014-02-11 17:15:29 GMT

Running competitions is always a ton of fun here at Khan Academy. The best part is looking through each submission to see the creative ideas used to teach a particular subject - a bit like opening gifts over the winter holidays. As the final day of the competition approaches, the gifts start appearing faster and faster, each one different from the next!

The NCLEX-RN competition we recently held was no different. We received almost 100 submissions from folks all around the world, emerging from over 60 hospitals/ institutions. Submissions came from people in the disciplines of nursing, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, public health, and graduate studies in biological science. We were stunned with the fantastic quality of the submissions, and want to congratulate everyone who participated in our competition. The videos submitted to us explained topics in such creative and engaging ways, and the questions really reflected content a graduate nurse would see on the NCLEX-RN. Fabulous work!

Today we are announcing the competition winners! We’ve picked a total of 14 winners who will be joining us at a training camp this spring where they’ll work together to hone their video making and question writing skills. These folks will be working on videos, questions, and articles covering medical conditions from the cardiovascular, respiratory, and hematology systems. That means that before long, you can come to Khan Academy to learn how asthma is diagnosed or the difference between a heart attack and heart failure. You can expect to see their hard work start appearing on the Khan Academy website sometime this summer. Check out the winners on the NCLEX-RN winners page by following this link!