Our Design Guidelines for Teaching Programming Talkthroughs

2013-08-26 21:55:00 GMT

Are you involved with teaching programming? Our Computer Science team posted their design guidelines for teaching programming using talkthroughs. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

A “talkthrough” is how we deliver online programming lessons on Khan Academy. You can check out the current talkthroughs in the Khan Academy Programming tutorial. Most recently, last week I created Text Part One, Text Part Two, and our Intro Sneak Peek, and Pamela created Variable Expressions. The rest were created by Jessica Liu last summer.

As background, a talkthrough tries to mimic the experience of sitting down next to someone and sharing a computer. In essence, the teacher records audio while typing code and drawing in our live execution environment. During playback, the student sees the code changing, and they can pause at any point to experiment with the code. The student can also create a “spinoff” to make changes and save the program as their own.

Read more from our computer science team’s Sophia Westwood at our computer science blog.