New kids on the block

2011-04-01 18:48:00 GMT

New exercises have been dropping by our knowledge map, and it’s time to give them a proper welcome!

This week, we added exercises that introduce basic angle concepts, such as acute, obtuse, right, complementary, and supplementary angles. Each exercise has a narrow focus to keep things simple (and to let you rack up those energy points!). If the exercises are too granular for your taste, try the harder ones first – achieving proficiency in “Complementary and supplementary angles” will make you proficient in “Complementary angles” and “Supplementary angles”.

We also added exercises on writing and evaluating expressions. What about those pesky expressions with unknown variables? Don’t worry, we cover that too. You might have played around with the linear equations module and the absolute value module, and now you can experience both concepts in the “Absolute value equations” module. Likewise for radical equations.

And that’s not all! We added two more types of word problems, and you’ll notice a slick new solid geometry module. There are a few more challenging exercises too, from logarithms to nested functions to the quotient rule.

Special thanks to Omar, Desmond, Eric, Jens, and Rock for their contributions!

Until next time,


Fun with angles:
– Angle types
– Degrees to radians
– Radians to degrees
– Radians and degrees
– Complementary angles
– Supplementary angles
– Complementary and supplementary angles

Fun with expressions and equations:
– Writing expressions 1
– Writing expressions 2
– Evaluating expressions
– Expressions with unknown variables
– Expressions with unknown variables 2
– Absolute value equations
– Radical equations 1

Assorted fun:
– Arithmetic word problems
– Rate problems
– Solid geometry
– Logarithms 2
– Range of a function
– Functions 3
– Quotient rule