Greetings from the Discovery Lab

2012-07-13 01:13:00 GMT

Happy summer!  

We are having a blast with the kids at our summer camp (Khan Academy Discovery Lab). Our fantastic campers spent the last two weeks exploring hands-on activities in multiple areas across math, statistics, economics, engineering, robotics, computer science, art and more.

The program included:

1) Creating a GIANT Sierpinski’s tetrahedron out of balloons. If you have 20+ enthusiastic campers, you can quickly make many tetrahedra and string them together into an awesome mathematical masterpiece. Tetrahedra can also be stylish hats (as modeled below).

2) Learning probability and statistics through games and simulations.  Campers quickly realized that doing some basic calculations vastly improved their chances of winning…

3) Exploring basic engineering concepts by building structures with simple materials (spaghetti and marshmallows). While it was tempting to eat the marshmallows, most campers quickly decided that it was better to use them as binding agents.

4) Creating and programming robots and exploring different types of sensors. For example, one group created a robot that played “Ode to Joy” with water cups, accompanied by its very own robotic ultrasonic guitar.

5) Learning Computer Science.  Our campers coded and designed their own animations (see bouncing Androids below).

We were delighted to have our campers with us, and we wish them a wonderful rest of the summer. One session down, two more to go!