Share your Khan Academy badges on Facebook in style

2012-05-15 00:19:00 GMT

As of today, you can now share your Khan Academy badges on Facebook using the new Open Graph protocol. In normal speak, it means that you’ll get richer, more interesting displays of your badges on Facebook if you choose to share them, like so:

So, how does it work?

Say your name is Mary Littlelamb, and you earn a couple of badges:

If you click on the “Share” button,

This dialog will pop up asking for you to grant us permission to post on your behalf. In order to share the badge on Facebook, you must click “Allow”. Otherwise, we can’t share it. =(

After a short delay (hopefully not too long; we have to wait for Facebook to confirm that the publish action went through), the badge will appear in your Facebook Timeline!

If you miss the opportunity to share from a badge notification dialog, you can also share from the “Recently Completed Activity” section of your Khan Academy profile page.

Just hover over the badge you want to share, and the same share links will appear in gray:

After sharing several badges, a neat Khan Academy “Badges earned” section will appear in your Facebook timeline:

You can edit or remove this view.

If you’ve shared more badges than can fit in the display case, you can customize which ones get shown by clicking on “View Individual Stories”.

On the resulting page, you can change the settings for individual badges.

Here, Mary wants to make sure “Addition and subtraction” shows up in her Timeline.

Back on Mary’s Timeline, we can see the changes were put into effect. Woohoo!

At the end of it all, Mary’s friends will be able to see her activity in their Facebook Newsfeed. Way to go, Mary!

If you click on a badge, you’ll end up at a page more info about what it takes to earn the badge, as well as a ginormous list of all the badges you can earn on Khan Academy.

Happy sharing!

Stephanie, Desmond, and Marcos