Show and Tell: Hovercards

2012-04-05 01:25:14 GMT

From developer Marcia Lee:

about a week ago, we released hovercards (not to be confused with hoverboards). the next time you watch a video on ka, mouse over the name of someone who has posted a comment, question, or answer!

the observant ka user will recognize that hovercards are mini versions of a user’s public profile, with her avatar, name, five hand-picked badges, and some stats hinting towards her commitment to the site.

discussing a video on ka is intellectually fruitful, and the hope is that hovercards make the experience more joyful and more human. human in that you can imagine the other people who also mulled over which five badges to share, who also played around with their arrangement until their display case looked just right, and who are embarking on educational journeys that cross paths with your own.

give it a try and let us know how you feel!

check out more screenshots chronicling this feature’s development.