Announcing Our New Partnership with NWEA to Accelerate Student Learning

2019-06-17 16:03:17 GMT

Teachers have long told us they want more actionable insights into the assessments they give every year in their classrooms to improve learning for every student.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Khan Academy is partnering with NWEA, a mission-driven education nonprofit and maker of the gold-standard classroom assessment, MAP Growth.

Together we’re developing MAP Accelerator, a unique classroom tool designed to help teachers deeply integrate personalized learning and assessment to accelerate student achievement.

Watch our announcement video: 

MAP Accelerator will help teachers quickly and easily deliver a personalized learning path for every student based on their MAP Growth results. Teachers will be able to identify which students need extra help to fill gaps and unleash learning for students who are ready to move ahead.  Teachers can use MAP Accelerator to differentiate instruction for students with diverse academic needs, particularly traditionally underserved students.

“If I had to pick between an amazing teacher and amazing technology, I’d pick the teacher every time. That is why we wanted to build a tool that really empowers teachers. Partnering with NWEA takes our tools and resources for teachers to the next level,“ said Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy. "We’ve long heard from teachers who want to use MAP Growth as more than just a benchmark. Now teachers are able to inform personalized practice that integrates with any curriculum so they can help focus student learning on what is needed most. And it is simple and time-saving, which is super important since teachers already have so much on their plates.”

This fall, more than 150,000 students in four school districts will use MAP Accelerator as part of a limited pilot program. The districts include Madera Unified School District, Pajaro Valley Unified School District, and Glendale Unified School District in California; and Clark County School District in Nevada.

During the pilot year, MAP Accelerator will be available for grades 3-8 in math, English, and Spanish. English-language arts will be introduced the following school year when MAP Accelerator becomes universally available.

Visit the NWEA website to learn more and sign up for updates.