Making education more accessible around the world

2011-12-13 04:36:00 GMT

We often get emails from people around the world who use Khan Academy.  There are now over 2.4 million visits per month coming from outside the US (hurray!).  Much of this usage is from people who heard or stumbled upon our resources and just started using it for themselves.  However, there are also many schools and organizations in countries such as India, Brazil, South Africa and Ghana that are experimenting and using our materials as a core element of how they educate their students.

One such organization that is using Khan Academy is the African School for Excellence (ASE), in Accra, Ghana. Despite being constrained by the limited number of computers and broadband access, the teachers at ASE incorporated Khan Academy as their Math curriculum in a 4-week pilot.  What is exciting how they managed to innovate around their infrastructure constraints, and ASE’s CEO has written a thoughtful article about the creative fixes they used. ASE plans to run a few more pilots early next year in Ghana and South Africa and will continue to find new ways to work with the resources that they have available.

It is amazing to hear about how these organizations (and more that we have not even heard about) are innovating to bring world-class education to their students – especially in regions where getting basic education is a hurdle for many children.  There’s a magic that happens when high quality content is available for free to the world, and it is exciting to see what happens when people are inspired to take action and change the world one step at a time.   

We love hearing these stories, so if you are helping bring Khan Academy to other parts of the world – let us know by posting a comment below!