Khan Academy’s Summer Surge comes to a close: Check out the results!

2015-09-02 03:41:21 GMT

Back in June, I challenged the entire Khan Academy community to join me in a summer surge of learning and see how many energy points they could earn. Today, I’m excited to announce the results:


209,161 learners rose to the challenge and earned more than 50,000 energy points. For their achievements, they have been awarded the Summer Surge badge:


Big congrats to everyone who earned this badge!

Of the folks who earned the Summer Surge badge, 53,035 of them earned more than 145,878 energy points, which was my summer total. These summer superstars have been awarded the I Beat Cam badge:


Super huge congrats to everyone who beat me! Your work is both inspiring and humbling. To see whether you earned one of these badges, log in to Khan Academy, go to your profile, and click “badges.”

My summer learning goals

Two of my main objectives this summer were learning to unicycle and learning to juggle clubs. I had some struggles along the way…


…but with practice I learned both skills and even put them together for the Khan Academy talent show:


I also learned some finance and economics on Khan Academy, two subjects I’m interested in but never studied in school. It was a blast! Seriously, it’s hard to beat the thrill of truly wrapping your mind around a new concept or acquiring a new skill.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Summer Surge! What did you learn over the summer, and what are you hoping to learn in the months ahead? Let me know in the comments below!


Cam Christensen, Math Content Specialist