The Metropolitan Museum of Art comes to Khan Academy

2014-11-24 19:29:56 GMT


Photo: Steven Zucker


In little more than a year, we’ve been very fortunate to collaborate with numerous institutions of incredible caliber and expertise, such as The British Museum, Tate, MoMA and The Getty. Their content on Khan Academy has gotten hundreds of thousands of views and we’re constantly hearing from our learners, whether they’re studying for a class or just nerding out on art and its history, how valuable the tutorials are; last year, there were 7 million visits to our art history content alone!

Today we’re very excited to welcome The Metropolitan Museum of Art to Khan Academy. As life-long New Yorkers, we visit the Met at every chance we get. You could say without exaggerating that we learned how to look at art in the Met’s glorious galleries (and in fact we both wrote our very first respective museum papers on works in the Greek and Roman collection!).

Today, the Met launches over 100 videos on Khan Academy featuring areas such as Extravagant Inventions, Books, Music and Literature and Devotion. In addition, The Met will also feature a game focused on the permanent collection, Beyond Battle: Arms and Armor at the Met.

You’ll also notice today that we’re grouping all museums on Khan Academy on their own landing page: now you can find our museum partners (including the Asian Art Museum, the American Museum of  Natural History, Exploratorium, and the California Academy of Sciences) all in one location. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

-Posted by Beth Harris and Steven Zucker