Speed and velocity

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4A: With every beat, your heart pumps blood throughout the vessels of your body. Let’s look at the radial artery, one of the vessels in your arm. How fast is the blood going at a particular point in time, and in what direction? The speed is an absolute number without direction - 1.8 kilometers per hour in this case. Velocity expands on the speed, which is an absolute value, by adding direction - for instance, 1.8 kilometers per hour downward. It’s that easy! you already grasping the concept of speed and velocity, terms used to describe the rate of change in our distance over time.

Calculating average velocity or speed

VIDEO 11:45 minutes
Example of calculating speed and velocity

Solving for time

VIDEO 9:35 minutes
Simple example of solving for time given distance and rate

Displacement from time and velocity example

VIDEO 5:00 minutes
Worked example of calculating displacement from time and velocity