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Talks and interviews

Other features

  1. Khan Academy Vision and Social Return
  2. Videocast with Sal Khan: Effectively Using Khan Academy
  3. KA on John Stossel Documentary
  4. Khan Academy on Perry's Principles (6/2/2011)
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  10. Salman Khan Talk at the MIT Club of Northern California
  11. Salman Khan talk at Castilleja School on January 5th, 2010
  12. Sal Khan Interview with IT Conversations - January 31,2010
  13. Salman Khan interview with NPR's All Things Considered on 12/28/2009
  14. Salman Khan Interview with Mixergy.com
  15. Brian Lehrer Interview with Salman Khan
  16. TEDxSanJoseCA - Salman Khan - (Sequel to talk at TED)
  17. Bay Area CBS Station with Salman Khan
  18. Fareed Zakaria talks about Khan Academy on CNN GPS
  19. Sal on Dylan Ratigan show
  20. Khan Academy on the Gates Notes
  21. LinkedIn Speaker Series Salman Khan
  22. Forbes Names You Need To Know: Khan Academy
  23. Salman Khan on Big Think
  24. Khan Academy on 20/20 (Sep 2011)
  25. Salman Khan on Marketplace (NPR) on 5-24-2011
  26. May 29th, 2011 CNN Piece
  27. Sal during Education Week (Sep 2011) 1
  28. Khan Academy on California Report (June 2011)
  29. Ideal Math and Science Class Time
  30. Salman Khan on KQED MindShift
  31. NPR Story on KA Los Altos Pilots (June 2011)
  32. Salman Khan interviewed on NPR's On Point
  33. 21st Century Challenges (Royal Geographic Society)
  34. Answers to Questions from the Independent
  35. Answers for Malibu Magazine
  36. NCSU Answers
  37. Questions from Superinteressante (8-22-2011)
  38. Brainwave Sep 2011
  39. Center for Future of Museums
  40. School Leadership Briefing Questions (Sep 12 2011) 2
  41. School Leadership Briefing (Sep 12 2011)
  42. Tom Brokaw interviews Sal at Education Nation 2011
  43. Financial Times October 2011
  44. Verbal Answers to "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit
  45. Khan Academy in Idaho
  46. The language advocates
  47. Jessica Yuen
  48. Marcos Ojeda
  49. Elizabeth Slavitt
  50. Minli Virdone
  51. Salman Khan on Charlie Rose
  52. Nightline: Learn Everything, Online
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  54. Khan Academy on Nightly News
  55. Early Show
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  57. CNN: Google award to Khan Academy
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  59. The Learning Dashboard
  60. Make your Khan Academy New Year's resolution