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Big bang and expansion of the universe

8 videos
What does it mean for the universe to expand? Was the "big bang" an explosion of some sort or a rapid expansion of space-time (it was the latter)? If the universe was/is expanding, what is "outside" it? How do we know how far/old things are? This tutorial addresses some of the oldest questions known to man.

Big bang introduction

VIDEO 11:03 minutes

Radius of observable universe

VIDEO 16:39 minutes
Radius of Observable Universe

Radius of observable universe (correction)

VIDEO 2:14 minutes
(Correction) Radius of Observable Universe

Red shift

VIDEO 10:04 minutes

Cosmic background radiation

VIDEO 11:36 minutes
Cosmic Background Radiation

Cosmic background radiation 2

VIDEO 10:15 minutes
Cosmic Background Radiation 2 - Redshift of the Cosmic Background Radiation

Hubble's law

VIDEO 11:12 minutes
Hubble's Law

A universe smaller than the observable

VIDEO 8:58 minutes
A Universe Smaller than the Observable