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1. What Is Big History?
Where did everything come from? How did we get to where we are now? Where do humans fit in? Where are things heading? These are questions that origin stories of different cultures have addressed for thousands of years.
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1.0 Welcome to the Big History Project

Embark on a 13.8 billion year journey through the history of the Universe and humans, an adventure that will challenge you to think about school, life, and the Universe like never before.

1.3 Scale

A mile, a year, a foot: all our everyday measures relate to a familiar scale. Big history is so big that we need to use entirely different measurements on an entirely different scale.

1.5 Ways of Knowing: What We Believe

What should we believe? These days we receive information from countless sources. Claim testing empowers us to assess the trustworthiness of a concept, assertion, or story.


Review big history vocabulary and take the glossary challenge.

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