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10. The Future
What does 13.7 billion years of history tell you about yourself? How does knowing so much about the past change the way you think about the future? These may be the most important questions big history asks. How would you answer them? Big History is an unfinished story.
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10.0 What does the future hold?

The study of big history inevitably leads to the future. So what’s next? Join some of the world’s great thinkers to try to predict the next threshold.

10.1 Big history's most important unanswered question

Even experts don’t have all the answers. Sometimes they don’t even know which questions to ask. What do you think the most important unanswered question might be?

Practice and feedback

Finish the course with a bang by investigating whether or not humans are still evolving, working on a project, and taking the quiz, glossary challenge, and final test. And don't forget to submit feedback to help drive Big History Project development!