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7. Agriculture & Civilization
Foraging is hard. It takes a long time to find the food and materials needed to feed a village. Foragers often have to walk long distances to get everything they need. Throughout the year, they had to move from place to place as they used up resources or to find follow the seasons. It is not an easy life.
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7.0 Agriculture

Foraging was a way of life for thousands of years, but a very difficult one. Once humans discovered agriculture, they were able to stay in one place and feed many more people than ever before.

7.1 Why was agriculture so important?

Planting crops and raising livestock meant that people didn't have to move around to follow their food. They could stay in one place, build things to last, and for some, not worry about food every day.

7.3 Ways of knowing: How do we know about agriculture and civilization?

Like detectives solving a murder mystery, historians use artifacts and written records of past civilizations as clues to understand our history as a species.

Practice and feedback

Test your knowledge and skills! Investigate how farming was an improvement over foraging, and then take on the quiz and glossary challenge.