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Exhibit on Wunderkammer at MoMA

Article about cabinets of curiosities from the British Library

Information about Linnaeus

Brief history of Charles Darwin from the BBC

Additional information about Charles Darwin

Animation of Charles Darwin’s journey

Blog written by scientists while on an expedition to the Philippines

An article about multidisciplinary expeditions

Video documentary on a large expedition to the Philippines in 2011

NOAA Article on survey methods for collecting bottomfish

Expedition preparation for Antarctica research

Overview of *Challenger* expedition

Video on *Challenger* expedition

Botany fieldwork

An expedition to study frogs

A video on going from field collecting to DNA extraction

A video on molecular work at the California Academy of Sciences

Remote sensing – counting penguins by satellite

Using satellite imagery to study ants in Madagascar

Using drones to collect data on lake biodiversity 

Using drones to monitor marine environments

A database on biodiversity: The Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Another biodiversity database: The Encyclopedia of Life

Citizen science projects at the California Academy of Sciences

Citizen science projects listed by Zooniverse

Additional citizen science projects listed by Scientific American

First-hand account of participating in a citizen science project

Common Core State Standards

Next Generation Science Standards