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Unit circle definition of trig functions
Let's now extend the domain of the trig function we love by exploring the unit circle definition of trig functions!
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Most people know that you can measure angles with degrees, but only exceptionally worldly people know that radians can be an exciting alternative. As you'll see, degrees are somewhat arbitrary (if we lived on a planet that took 600 days to orbit its star, we'd probably have 600 degrees in a full revolution). Radians are pure. Seriously, they are measuring the angle in terms of how long the arc that subtends them is (measured in radiuseseses). If that makes no sense, imagine measuring a bridge with car lengths. If that still doesn't make sense, watch this tutorial!

Trig functions of special angles

In this tutorial, we'll really digest how special triangles and angles that show up a lot in mathematics relate to each other and the various trig functions.