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Deductive and inductive reasoning

7 videos
You will hear the words "deductive reasoning" and "inductive reasoning" throughout your life. This very optional tutorial will give you context for what these mean.

Difference between inductive and deductive reasoning

VIDEO 2:00 minutes
Deductive Reasoning 1

Deductive reasoning 2

VIDEO 3:57 minutes
Deductive Reasoning 2

Deductive reasoning 3

VIDEO 4:11 minutes
Deductive Reasoning 3

Inductive reasoning 1

VIDEO 2:07 minutes
Inductive Reasoning 1

Inductive reasoning 2

VIDEO 2:21 minutes
Inductive Reasoning 2

Inductive reasoning 3

VIDEO 3:03 minutes
Inductive Reasoning 3

Inductive patterns

VIDEO 6:34 minutes
Inductive Patterns