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Order of operations

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If you have the expression "3 + 4 x 5", do you add the 3 to the 4 first or multiply the 4 and 5 first? To clear up confusion here, the math world has defined which operation should get priority over others. This is super important. You won't really be able to do any involved math if you don't get this clear. But don't worry, this tutorial has your back.

Introduction to order of operations

VIDEO 9:40 minutes
This example clarifies the purpose of order of operations: to have ONE way to interpret a mathematical statement.

Order of operations example

VIDEO 4:27 minutes
We're throwing everything but the kitchen sink in this one: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Better remember your order of operations, ya hear!

Order of operations example: putting it all together

VIDEO 4:36 minutes
Let's simplify this tricky expression according to the order of operations. Remember: PEMDAS!

Order of operations: PEMDAS

VIDEO 5:20 minutes
Have you heard of PEMDAS? No, it's not some fatal illness. We'll explain here and challenge you with a more complicated example.

Order of operations


Order of operations with negative numbers

Evaluate expressions using your knowledge of order of operations and negative numbers.