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Mixed number multiplication and division

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My recipe calls for a cup and a half of blueberries and serves 10 people. But I have 23 people coming over. How many cups of blueberries do I need? You know that mixed numbers and improper fractions are two sides of the same coin (and you can convert between the two). In this tutorial we'll learn to multiply and divide mixed numbers (mainly by converting them into improper fractions first).

Multiplying fractions and whole numbers: mixed number answer

VIDEO 4:03 minutes
Sometimes the product of multiplying fractions and whole numbers is a mixed number. Mixed up? You won't be for long!

Multiplying mixed numbers

VIDEO 4:21 minutes
We've learned to multiplying two fractions and a fraction and a whole number. Let's move on to multiplying mixed numbers!

Multiplying mixed numbers


Reciprocal of a mixed number

VIDEO 1:41 minutes
Reciprocal of a Mixed Number

Dividing mixed numbers

VIDEO 2:41 minutes
Dividing Mixed Numbers

Dividing mixed numbers and fractions

VIDEO 3:22 minutes
Dividing Mixed Numbers and Fractions