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The square root

6 videos
5 skills
A strong contender for coolest symbol in mathematics is the radical. What is it? How does it relate to exponents? How is the square root different than the cube root? How can I simplify, multiply and add these things? This tutorial assumes you know the basics of exponents and exponent properties and takes you through the radical world for radicals (and gives you some good practice along the way)!

Understanding square roots

VIDEO 1:21 minutes
Understanding Square Roots

Square roots of perfect squares

Find the square root of a perfect square positive integer.

Approximating square roots

VIDEO 7:12 minutes
Approximating Square Roots

Estimating square roots

Approximate the square roots of numbers which are not perfect squares.

Simplifying square roots

VIDEO 3:09 minutes

Simplifying radicals

VIDEO 9:45 minutes
Using exponent rules to simplify radicals or square roots

Simplifying square roots

Express radicals in simplest form.

Simplifying square roots 2

Multiply expressions containing radicals.

Adding and simplifying radicals

VIDEO 7:57 minutes
More Simplifying Radical Expressions

Adding and subtracting radicals

Add and subtract expressions containing radicals.